Inca Peruvian Mining's new processing plant may reduce production costs by 50%

Inca Peruvian Mining, Ltd. ("Inca Mining" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that its joint venture partner has secured a contractor to complete the construction and installation of the new processing plant.

The location of the site is perfect as it is within 15 kilometers of the mine and close to the electrical grid. It is not uncommon for processing plants in Peru to operate purely on generators. With the cost for gasoline far greater than the electricity off the grid, this will save substantial costs in the future.

The site is also distant from any population and down stream from water supplies.

Inca Mining’s joint venture partner owning and controlling the plant will enable the carbon-in-pulp processing to be carried out nearby without paying an external processing contractor to complete it. Thereby reducing transportation cost to under US $10.00 per ton and processing cost to approximately US $30.00 per ton. This represents about a 50% reduction of processing costs per ounce of gold. This potentially could work out even cheaper with a higher ore grade.

The land was acquired at the end of October, 2012. While detailed building plans have been approved and the terms agreed and the contractor started work this week, 13th November. First a new road is being constructed leading to the site. The next step is to cut into the side of the valley to make the elevations for each component of the plant.

The contractor is committed to having the land leveled and concrete slabs constructed before the end of November. The processing plant’s targeted completion date is mid to end of January, 2013 and will be ready for processing immediately.

About Inca Peruvian Mining, Ltd.
Inca Peruvian Mining, Ltd. is a South American mining company that specializes in gold, silver and copper mines with the intention to invest through joint venture contracts and seek out niche markets that focuses on low risk, with immediate cash flow.