Industrial carbon management research gets $3.75 M boost

CALGARY, CANADA — Carbon Management Canada (CMC), a national research network specializing in the development of carbon management technology and insights for industrial scale solutions, has awarded a total of $3.75 million to eight new research projects.

Among the new investments are projects to: develop greenhouse gas sensors using nanotechnology; improve ways of assessing cap rock integrity for CO2 storage; discover ways to reduce CO2 emissions in cement production; and examine and test methods to securely sequester CO2 in mine tailings through formation of carbonate minerals. Also funded is a study investigating ways carbon-pricing policies could drive innovation and the development of low carbon technologies. With these awards, CMC has now committed $22 million to 44 research projects at Canadian universities with additional contributions and partners from more than 100 companies, stakeholder organizations and international universities in countries such as the United States, the U.K., Australia and Germany.

In making the funding announcement, Dr. Steve Larter, CMC’s Scientific Director, said these projects bring great value to carbon management research.

“We are very excited about these new projects. Carbon Management Canada’s mandate is to deliver innovative deployable solutions to manage carbon emissions. These eight new projects substantially advance us toward that goal,” said Larter. “CMC is working to ensure the country has the technologies and the knowledge to help solve growing carbon management challenges.”

Working on the latest round of projects are 38 researchers from universities, government and industries in Canada and abroad. And with numerous graduate students engaged in the research, the projects will develop skilled people ready to take a role in academia and industry.

To view summaries of all eight research projects.

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