INFOGRAPHIC: Company snapshot: Electra Stone

In our Jade Series, we showed the history of jade in China as well as the soaring demand for BC jade.

Electra Stone (ELT.V), covered in today's Company Snapshot, is the first public company aiming to take this BC jade and market it directly to China

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Electra Stone (ELT.V) is a mining company specializing in the development of and exploration for Nephrite Jade and industrial minerals. The Company is in the process of mining the Apple Bay aluminum silicate quarry located on Vancouver Island near Port Hardy, British Columbia. Electra has also recently entered into Nephrite Jade exploration in British Columbia. Total sales and price of B.C. Nephrite Jade have reportedly increased significantly over the past several years according to private producers. Increased interest in Nephrite Jade in South-East Asian countries, specifically China is the primary reason for the rise in demand.