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Did you know you could minimize the time you spend managing vendors, implementing multiple components and coordinating service contracts and warranties? Siemens has the answer, with a simple solution that puts all the pieces together – Integrated Drive Systems.

Integrated Drive Systems can enhance productivity, reduce the total cost of ownership, and benefit from the simplicity of a single point of contact, at every stage of the drive train life cycle.

  • A single-source solution — from consultation through proposals, delivery, installation and maintenance
  • Integrated products, systems, applications and services for the entire drive train—Variable Frequency Drives, Motors, Geared Motors, Gear Units and Couplings
  • Unique Customization — more component options, custom built or optimally designed to fit together
  • Experience and technical expertise — A history of innovation and industry specific knowledge that increases our understanding of specific industrial applications.
  • A team of Siemens Experts — at your disposal to help simplify project management (PM), streamline procurement and minimize deployment time.

From consulting and installation to maintenance and service, Integrated Drive Systems brings optimized solutions, hundreds of years of engineering experience, and a complete portfolio of industry-leading drive components, together into one unique and customized approach. It’s all backed by a comprehensive service agreement, and a warranty that encompasses the entire offering for added peace of mind.

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