International Coatings Introduces ICO Guard GS (General Service)

Franklin Park, ILInternational Coatings, a leading supplier of protective wall and floor coatings for industrial and commercial applications, announces the release of another coating in their popular “Iron Guard” line.

Iron Guard GS is International Coatings new iron reinforced troweled epoxy floor with the superior abrasion resistance of steel, designed for unusually severe wear and/or impact conditions not seeing a lot of corrosive chemicals. Its high abrasion and impact resistance will provide much longer life spans than concrete or conventionally filled polymer toppings in transfer stations, heavy equipment maintenance facilities, steel-wheeled traffic areas, loading docks, and any areas that see a lot of abuse. Iron Guard GS uses a proprietary blend of specially prepared steel aggregate that won’t rust. It’s a 100% solids and with recycled material, qualifies for LEED points.

Iron Guard GS can be applied in any thickness down to a minimum of 3/8” in a single pass. It’s a resin rich system that does not require a primer or topcoat, which greatly reduces the downtime needed for application and can withstand oils, grease, caustic cleaners and moderate concentrations of inorganic acids.

For more information on this and other innovative ICO products contact us at 800-624-8919 or visit our web site at

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