Introducing Calciclean C234 to the mining world

The birth of a giant who had to prove himself with human safety, environmental impact, efficiency and safe application. 

Factors all non-negotiable in the mining sector. Here, only stringent testing results could initiate an interest.

One late afternoon during June of 2011, traveling in the Free State, the formulation for Calciclean C234 came to Guillaume Marais. Arranging some waiting time with Protea Chemicals in Welkom, that day would need to forego a normal business hour time frame. After picking up the raw materials needed for the formulation, Marais proceeded to his factory.

And so the birth of a giant took place.

Anglo Gold Ashanti believed in the benefit of this product and agreed to have the testing occur in their facility. After six years the use of Calciclean C234 increased significantly with no damage to any of the mining equipment.

A number of reports confirmed that the Anglo Gold Ashanti Employees preferred the use of Calciclean C234 due to the radical vapour of Hydrochloric Acid being almost zero percent. As a result of this Mr. Marais decided to increase their testing references, so he submitted product to a Heat Exchanger manufacturer to test. They declared Calciclean C234 as preference to use.

With all this said and done, what is Calciclean C234?

Calciclean C234 is manufactured from Hydrochloric Acid with a specially patented and formulated inhibitor. It is an anti-corrosive method to decalcify Heat Exchangers and Condensers online. Safe on Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper and Yellow Copper.

Calciclean C234 will cut your downtime down considerably, it will ensure the safety of your employees, and there will be no damage to your equipment!

For inquiries on this unique and powerful product please email [email protected] or phone 018 4691274 or Corne at 0824952533.


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