Know Safety, No Injury – No Safety, Know Injury

Globally there is increased pressure for mines to operate safely and move towards a zero harm environment. The mining industry is consciously shifting its mind-set to focus on employee health, safety and emergency response. Mining leaders believe that that “zero harm” is not about making safety a core value, it is also about eliminating physical injuries and illnesses, taking control of one’s own health and safety, and consistently choosing safer behaviours. As the emphasis on safety has increased, operational best practices and risk-mitigation theories have been applied, resulting in significant improvements to ensure a less dangerous workplace. However, it seems that progress has reached a plateau and that new insight is required to achieve the next breakthrough.

2nd Latam Health, Safety and Rescue Operations in Mining, will aim to explore safety – security measures and standardize rescue operation procedures. Focus on EHS, minimizing accidental risks, role of automated techniques and learning from  past mining disasters will be the highlights of this conference.

Taking place on 12 – 13 June 2013 at Rio De Janeiro – Brazil, this forum will provide a platform for industry experts to brainstorm industrial safety procedures  through knowledge sharing sessions, interactive panel discussions and relevant case-studies.

The crucial challenge in the current mining industry is developing a injury free working environment and boost health and safety procedures. Patrick Weston, Safety Director & Management Advisor at Cerrejon Coal (Colombia), will explain why the traditional Safety Risk Management Systems approach to fatality management doesn’t work and elaborate on his explanation to find a solution for this same. His presentation is entitled as "Fatality free workplace – Is it achievable and sustainable?"

Session on "Implementation of an HSE Management System at a mine in a non-industrialized Country" will be addressed by Roberto Talledo, Safety and Health Manager at Orosur (Uruguay). César Raúl Díaz, Health & Hygiene Corporate Manager at Hochschild Mining Plc (Peru) in his session  will enlighten the participants about the importance to  create a “blame-free” pro-active safety culture by applying behavioural psychology to mine safety – A psychologist’s perspective.

A dedicated session on" Administration and Operation of a Mine Emergency Response System" will elaborate on the need, workings and challenges related to rescue management. Dr. Raul Gomero Cuadra, Occupational Health Doctor Barrick (Peru), will present a case-study on Respiratory Protection: An integral
experience. In his presentation he will focus on  examination and providing specific medical treatment to workers who are exposed to inhalable agents, citing the need to  analyzing fitness to duty and models of fitness tests.

In the realm of the current mining scenario where mining leaders are searching for best answers to the health and safety concerns pertaining to the nature of the workplace, this forum will bring together the region's prominent names to collectively evaluate every possible solution to bring about a risk free, healthy and safe work culture. 2nd Latam Health, Safety and Rescue in Mining Forum will witness industry leaders from Anglo American (Chile), Rio Tinto Minera (Peru), Alcoa (Brazil), Minera Chinalco (Peru), Cerro Vanguardia (Argentina), Goldcorp (Guatemala), Minera El Tesoro(Chile), Guyana Goldfields Inc (Guyana) and many others.

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