Larson Electronics releases explosion proof toxic gas transmitter

Kemp, TX: Larson Electronics, leader in commercial and industrial grade lighting, has released an explosion proof Class I, Division I toxic gas transmitter with an attached alcohol sensor. This unique sensor response testing system features real gas samples, LCD graphics, internal data logger and alarms, and is ideal for alcohol level and gas monitoring in hazardous locations, chemical processing plants, and more.

The EXP-SNR-TG-EC-ITS-ALG-ALCH200 is a sensor response testing system for hazardous locations that uses real gas samples, generated on demand, to verify response checks. This explosion proof gas sensor is configured to detect alcohol vapors at a range of 0-200ppm, and includes an internal data logger that stores the measured gas values at intervals of the user’s choosing. An electrochemical transmitter, integral sensor holder and non-digital output are also included. The EXP-SNR-TG-EC-ITS-ALG-ALCH200 is equipped with an LCD graphics display which allows operators to clearly see gas concentrations in large, easy to read numbers, and has menus to set up parameters as well as alarm indication.

The fitted alcohol sensor plugs directly into the transmitter and offers non-intrusive operation with a magnetic tool to calibrate, view data, set up alarms and complete other tasks. The sensor detects hydrocarbon gases and contains a sensor, amplifier and memory module in one unit. This allows the unit to be calibrated separately then plugged into any detector with no adjustments needed. This explosion proof alcohol sensor is constructed of durable cast aluminum housing, great for oil rigs, manufacturing processes and other high-risk environments where explosive gas is present.

“This explosion proof sensor responses system is very unique,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “Not only does it pull real gas samples on demand, but allows operators full control over all parameters of the system, and is a non-invasive unit that can be configured independently to work with any detector- no adjustments needed.”

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