Launch of the Next Generation of IDS Slope Monitoring Radar

Following the success of IBIS-M, introduced by IDS in 2010, we are today proud to announce the launch of the next generation of IDS slope monitoring radar.

IBIS-FM: the latest generation of IDS radar employs an advanced radar technology that further improves the system's performance. A shorter acquisition time enables the detection of faster movements without the need to reduce the area to be scanned and increases the sensitivity to the onset of potential failures.

IBIS-FMT: the IDS mobile slope monitoring radar solution ensures the same performance as IBIS-FM but with the added value of being fully integrated on a trailer, resulting in an enhanced deployment flexibility.

FPM360: The FPM360 is an integrated monitoring system based on multiple radar units, controlled and interfaced using a single advanced software suite. FPM360 provides a complete situation awareness: with 360 degree coverage of the pit slopes in real time, geotechnical engineers will be equipped with a universal image of the entire pit, providing exhaustive information about potential areas of instability.

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