Lightship launches Smart Tech Revolution for worksite management

Image from Lightship.

Lightship today announced the launch of its advanced productivity and safety application for worksites. The application, also called Lightship, provides site management teams with a “bird’s-eye” view, in real time, of an entire worksite. It connects with mobile devices and worksite sensors to track and communicate with thousands of people, and provides a perfect memory of all worksite events. The results are dramatically improved worker response times, enhanced worker coordination, and reduced operating costs.

Despite the dramatic evolution of communications technology, major industries within the resource, construction, facilities management, and other sectors, have had to rely on many of the same worksite management tools for years. That is now changing, and Lightship is driving that change.

Jae Reichel, CEO of Lightship, commented, “Lightship represents the start of the smart tech revolution for site managers. Instead of having to rely on technologically-limited radio systems and standalone equipment monitoring, site teams will now have clear, real-time awareness of their entire worksite, even in remote locations. Task assignment and management, sensor integration, event history, automated emergency alerts, and a vastly superior communications system means worksites will be better, safer, and smarter.”

Some of the key features and benefits delivered by Lightship include:

  • Team, Fleet, and Equipment Management: Tracks and communicates with workers, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Task Management: Keeps track of tasks that need to be done, can automatically assign new tasks, and keeps track of who is working on which task.
  • Asset Performance: Allows monitoring of the usage and downtime of equipment as well as performance levels.
  • Lone Worker Solution: Allows managers to monitor and communicate with workers who are alone or in potentially dangerous locations/circumstances (includes emergency response comms).
  • Visualization: Allows people to see in real-time what is happening in the field.
  • Reporting: Compiles and displays comprehensive event data.
  • Event History: Keeps record and allows recall of all past events and information.
  • Sensor Integration: Integrates worksite sensor data into the system in a useful way.
  • Dispatch: Enables site managers to communicate with employees and outside staff.
  • Emergency Response: Either notifies third party response teams, and/or follows the company’s procedures to ensure the right people are notified internally.
  • Automated emergency response: Automatically notifies the correct personnel of an emergency or alarm.
  • Device Agnostic: Has the ability to integrate any customer device into the application

About Lightship

Lightship is a leader in worksite management technology. Headquartered in Kamloops, British Columbia, the company has developed the world’s first fully-integrated, smart worksite management tool. The Lightship application gives site management teams a constant, real-time view of their worksite, workers, and equipment, together with an advanced communications and safety system. It is fully-scalable, easy to manage, and delivers strong, measurable benefits in worker response time, safety, and productivity.

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