Maccaferri and Watercare Mining making a lasting impression at WAMPEX 2018

This year, as once again expected – regional governments, NGOs, trade associations, private sector companies as well as investors and entrepreneurs flocked to WAMPEX (the West African Mining and Power Exhibition) in Accra, Ghana. It’s no wonder, what with it being the most prolific business platform to expand business partnerships, develop and strengthen stakeholder relationships, extend supplier/customer networks, and stay up-to-date with all the new products, services and technologies in it’s region.

According to John Thomson of Exhibition Management Services, organizers of WAMPEX, West Africa is still one of the biggest and fastest-growing industrial, mining and power generation markets in the world – having massive gold, copper and iron ore deposits and hundreds of mining projects underway at any given time.

A delegate from Infomine had the pleasure of attending this year’s exhibition.

“What an exciting experience it was, surrounded by so many ambitious and enthusiastic individuals,” said Elizabeth Silva, account executive for Infomine South Africa. “Not to mention the incredible fountain of information provided on the current state of the mining sector, the latest innovations, and the pertinent issues at the hands of our decision makers.”

Of particular interest to our delegate, were the impressive Maccafferi Africa and Watercare Mining – showing industry leading solutions to problems related to environmental preservation and unique perspectives on the present and future importance of these investments.

Here’s a little more on our WAMPEX-met associates:

Maccaferri Africa

With more than 70 subsidiaries operating in 5 continents and an on-site presence in more than 100 countries, Maccaferri is highly-specialized in designing and developing complex products and applications in the civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets – from design to development.

Maccaferri Africa, a subsidiary of the worldwide industrial group Officine Maccaferri, is a lead manufacturer of hexagonal woven steel wire mesh (commonly known as double twist mesh) used in the manufacture of Geosynthetics (geogrids and geocomposites), Turf Reinforcement Mats, Rolled Erosion Control Blankets, Composite Drainage Systems, Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses, Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall solutions and Rockfall Protection Systems – all orientated on the technically, practically, and environmentally sound.

Chatting with Joseph Meadows, Business Development Manager (pictured below) at their booth this year: “Our vision is to become a leading international provider of advanced solutions to the construction market. Implementing a strategy of vertical integration, we research, design, supply and provide construction solutions within our target markets. This capability reduces client risk and management workload, as there is a single interface with one service provider, rather than several. Furthermore, being the manufacturer of the systems means that we are able to customize our proposals, combining materials in new ways to optimize the solution, saving our clients’ cost and time.”

Pictured at WAMPEX 2018 booth, from left: Francis Tano; Civil Engineering Geosynthetic Specialist at Maccaferri, Joseph Meadows; Business Development Manager at Maccaferri, and Elizabeth Silva; Account Executive at Infomine SA

Environmental protection is an essential factor for Maccaferri Africa, and they have been certified by BVQI to the ISO 9001 quality management process and ISO 14001 environmental management system.

An overview of Maccaferri’s business solutions

Maccaferri has expressed an offer to invest in Ghana and West African countries by assisting in the training of graduates and industry leaders to implement community project benefits. This will be in association with mining companies, while operational and expansion projects are in progress.

This will enable these mining companies to activate their community programmes in collaboration with Maccaferri, and thereby take full advantage of their presence and expertise.

Contact Maccaferri Africa here


Watercare Mining

A reputable South African based company, Watercare Mining has been in existence for over 32 years – delivering tailor-made solutions in the fields of water treatment chemicals and engineered plants such as portable and waste-water purification plants. The company also offers a wide range of solid-liquid separation technologies and filtration solutions, tailored to make any water stream fit for any  purpose.

The company’s overall mission for their clients is to look beyond just the treatment of a water stream, and instead make a holistic appraisal of all plant conditions surrounding the water system leading to an all-encompassing solution that includes tailor-made engineering-plants and the application of best-suited chemical solutions – enhancing overall plant performance.

Operating and maintaining a range of advanced water treatment plants on several mines in South Africa, numerous client references can provide proof of this novel approach in Watercare’s ultimate aim to provide measurable benefits in overall energy, water and process efficiencies, as well as water re-use together with a reduced environmental impact.

Some impressive Watercare stats:
  • Every day they treat in excess of 70 million liters of mine impacted water, and produce SANS compliant potable water, as well as environmentally friendly discharge and waste.
  • They have installed BASK belt filters on various coal mines in South Africa; machines critical to the environment as they prevent discharge of waste slurry.
  • They operate and supply chemicals to the majority of Gold, Platinum and ferrochrome mines in South Africa.
  • Their patented High Rate Settlers have been supplied in mining operations throughout Africa, with settlers considerably reducing initial capex and installation period for underground dirty water handling systems.

The three pillars on which Watercare Mining’s reputation is based: 1. Chemical Services, 2. Plant Operation And Maintenance, and 3. Single Source Solutions.


Pictured at WAMPEX 2018 booth: Eric Spagnuolo; Business Development Manager at Watercare Mining

Both conventional and non conventional solutions are available, including a patented revolutionary vacuum belt filter that sets new standards in footprint size and troublesome fines removal in various metallurgical and industrial processes.

The company is active in several African countries and has recently begun moving into overseas markets.

Contact Watercare Mining here

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