Micromine 2018 is now available for download

MICROMINE is pleased to announce Micromine 2018, the latest version of its leading exploration and 3D mine design solution, is now available for download.









Through Micromine’s intuitive software, mining and exploration companies are able attain an in-depth understanding of their project so that prospective regions can be targeted more effectively, increasing the chance of a project’s success. Micromine users are provided easy-to-use tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling resulting in increased productivity and cost efficiencies.

Micromine 2018 has been built on the back of extensive consultation with MICROMINE’s global client base and is the culmination of 12 months of hard work from the Micromine global development team.  Micromine 2018 has a strong focus on the user and includes a range of new features and enhancements that increase the overall usability and performance of the software.

An exciting advancement for Micromine 2018 is the inclusion of a new licensing system, which works with or without a dongle and includes the ability to temporarily borrow a network license without the need for a dongle or persistent network connection. This will mean more flexibility for Micromine users.

Micromine Technical Product Manager Frank Bilki commented “the new licensing system provides our clients with more options when it comes to their licensing needs. The system maximises utilisation and allows for quick and easy access to the software.”

Micromine annual licence members have access to ongoing technical support and advice as well as an extensive training program which ensures clients realise the full potential of their software investment.

Other new features and enhancements for Micromine 2018 include:

  • A new licensing system with many new options: node locked licences, network licence pools, borrowing options, and traditional stand-alone (dongle) licences.
  • Major enhancements to the Micromine DATA file format, with new create/modify options and support for date, time, date/time, and colour field types.
  • New resource estimation workflows with visual editing of search ellipsoid and block model extents, auto calculation of experimental variogram models, auto fitting of theoretical variogram models, and interactive range/sill measurement for determining search ellipsoid radii.
  • New native CAD support in Vizex, with support for labels, polygon meshes and 3D mesh entities. New CAD cursor with several cursor styles and snapping modes and dedicated import/export options.
  • New drillhole tools including auditing and exporting an entire database; validation errors are prefixed with severity level, databases are more forgiving of invalid data; new moving average Drillhole Graph style.
  • New optimised shell option for pit design; many enhancements to ring design and blasthole design.

In addition to these new features, Micromine 2018 also addresses a number of bug fixes and issues which will aid in improving the overall usability of the product.

“Micromine 2018 will provide users with an in-depth understanding of their project, ensuring prospective regions can be targeted more effectively and increasing the likelihood of the project succeeding” said Bilki.

“We are focused on making our client’s job easier, these enhancements will assist Micromine users to increase efficiency, save time and improve the decision-making process for managers” Bilki added.

For more information on Micromine 2018 and to start downloading please visit our website.