Micromine 2018 Service Pack 3 is now available to download

MICROMINE is pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2018 Service Pack 3 (Micromine 2018 SP3).

Service Pack 3 addresses a number of bugs and fixes and also includes a number of enhancements.

Service Pack 3 includes full functionality for Windows 7 users. Prior to this service pack, Windows 7 users encountered issues during advanced rendering, and this has now been rectified.

In addition, SP3 addresses a number of fixes and enhancements including;

  • Disabled advanced rendering methods for Intel drivers on Windows 7 to prevent thick lines from disappearing in Vizex (see note for more information).
  • Fixed an issue where drillhole validations did not detect case sensitivity of drillhole IDs and other text.
  • Improved Wireframe | Report | Volumes to output binary fields instead of numeric.
  • Resolved issues that caused the VXREMOVEALL macro process to fail when run in a Python script.
  • Help | About now displays expiry and/or maintenance dates for ALF and perpetual licenses.
  • Fixed a problem where Scattergram regression line did not display in certain circumstances.
  • Resolved issues where Centre Line to Solid produced incorrect results.
  • Resolved some labelling problems in Additional Grids that caused labels to disappear or behave erratically in some circumstances.
  • Improved performance of File | Merge | Micromine.

These improvements have been requested by global Micromine users and will assist in improving the usability and performance of the software.

Micromine Product Strategy Manager Mark Gabbitus commented “This service pack highlights MICROMINE’s strategy to have issues solved and the software released to the market as quickly as possible. Clients want to see value for money from their software investment and having support issues addressed and released back to the user in a short period of time is one example of how we are delivering value.”

As a scalable solution, Micromine 2018 offers integrated tools for modelling, estimation, design, optimisation and scheduling and assists users to increase efficiencies and productivity across their operations.

To find out more and to start downloading please visit the Micromine downloads page.

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