MICROMINE brings mineral exploration innovation to AEMA Annual Meeting

MICROMINE will be attending the American Exploration & Mining Association’s 2018 Annual Meeting in Spokane, Washington.

The AEMA 2018 Annual Meeting will be held at the Spokane Exhibition Center on December 2nd – 7th and will feature over 100 speakers and 250 exhibitors as well as a core shack over the 6 days.

MICROMINE is focused on digitalization opportunities that are cost effective, add value and can be implemented throughout the mining value chain.

The American Exploration and Mining Association (AEMA) Annual Meeting is the longest-running mining convention in the United States. Mining experts from leading companies all over the world meet to exchange ideas, showcase their ground-breaking mining systems, and share their successes with each other.

MICROMINE will be showcasing the latest versions of its market leading mining software solutions at the event including data management solution Geobank 2018, 3D modelling and mine design solution Micromine 2018 and fleet management and mine control solution Pitram 4.10.

Also at this year’s event, Micromine Product Strategy Manager Mark Gabbitus will travel from Australia to meet with industry leaders in Spokane, Washington and lead a breakout session showcasing Edge computing, a new and better way to manage data in real time at the job site, with or without network connectivity.

Mineral exploration is one of the most critical stages in the mining value chain and the efficient capture and analysis of drilling data has a major influence on the overall profitability of a project. MICROMINE is focused on digitalization opportunities that are cost effective, add value and can be implemented throughout the mining value chain.

This focus began in the early 2000’s with the release of MICROMINE’s Field Marshall, designed to replace the paper log sheets used by Geologists, and continues today with recent releases of Geobank Mobile that has a strong focus on integration with data capture devices now available to Exploration Geologists.

These devices, such as magnetic susceptibility readers, portable XRF’s and geotechnical measurement devices are often connected to a service or database in the cloud but someone, somewhere still needs to merge it into the master database at some point. Additionally, issues can arise when there is no network connectivity, a common issue on the edge.

Mr Gabbitus recently presented this at the Australian Geoscience Council Convention (AGCC) in Adelaide and commented at the time “If an Exploration Geologist can collect, validate and access their data in a single platform, whilst they are in the field, real time insights can be drawn, enabling smarter decisions at the rig. Having this data available, would then allow a Geologist to make decisions in the field; to end a hole early or justify extending a hole beyond its planned depth. This adds immediate value, either by reducing planned drilling costs or preventing costly re-drills later.”

The AEMA Annual Meeting hosts a strong technical program, an impressive list of guest speakers, educational sessions and important networking opportunities with industry professionals.

The MICROMINE team will be exhibiting at booth #848 throughout the 6-day event. Click here to find out more about the AEMA event or book in a demonstration with a MICROMINE technical specialist.


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