MICROMINE incorporates support for NVIDIA GRID graphics into its leading Exploration and 3D Mine Design Solution

MICROMINE has incorporated support for the NVIDIA GRID graphics technology into its solution to allow for advanced desktop virtualisation with optimised graphics performance.

While desktop visualisation has been around for many years, organisations still struggle with delivering a user experience that replicates what workers have enjoyed on physical PCs. Today’s modern desktop applications like Micromine 2016 demand high performance graphics.

NVIDIA GRID addresses the deficiencies of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure by bringing graphics acceleration to the data centre, enabling IT to extend the reach of virtualization to every user, from task workers to designers, delivering an unparalleled NVIDIA graphics performance and a great user experience that rivals physical PCs.

Micromine Software Development Manager, Scott Pleiter, commented “Previously a lot of virtual machine configurations did not support hardware acceleration which compromised Micromine performance and disabled some advanced Micromine Vizex visualisation features. The NVIDIA GRID solution can now provide full hardware acceleration to the virtual machine without compromised performance.”

The NVIDIA GRID is the most advanced technology for sharing virtual Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) across multiple virtual desktop and applications instances. The GRID platform offers the highest level of performance, flexibility and security with the right level of user experience for any virtual workflow.

NVIDIA GRID extends the power of NVIDIA GPU to cost-effectively deliver immersive, virtualised Windows 10 workspaces for every user. Micromine users can now enjoy a consistently great user experience that’s optimised for Micromine 2016 with performance as good as a physical PC. Users will be able to setup a virtual environment with greater security and accessibility on their device.

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