MICROMINE’s Academic Licencing Scheme (ALS) partners with Indonesian universities to allow for real time learning

MICROMINE’s ALS partnerships aim to create an environment for real time learning and provide students with valuable on the job skills. MICROMINE’s Academic Licencing Scheme (ALS) has been introduced in over 120 academic institutions world-wide and now expands to three new universities in Indonesia.

Myke Jones, Indonesia’s MICROMINE’s Regional Manager and Dr. Lobo Balia MICROMINE’s Director have facilitated the most recent partnerships with Padjadjaran University (UNPAD), Trisakti University (TRISAKTI) and Gadjah Mada University (UGM), in acquiring a Micromine licenses to incorporate the award-winning solution within its courses.

The focus of the UNPAD Geology faculty is to ensure its students and graduates receive the necessary skills to be able to produce highly skilled geologists and engineers. Furthermore, the faculty offers additional occupational laboratories, classes, technical and social elective courses and now adds Micromine to the offering.

MICROMINE’s Regional Manager, Myke Jones commented, “Micromine looks forward to working with UNPAD in assisting students to obtain exposure to the best possible technology for earth science interpretation.”

Established in Yogyakarta in 1949, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) is the largest university in Indonesia. Since its early establishment, UGM is the place to learn for the young generation from various regions in Indonesia with their distinctive culture and local languages. Apart from the fact that UGM has a dual-degree programme with a number of renown universities in the world, it also admits international students through various programmes for various projects.

With the rich variety of disciplines being offered at UGM, students will have an extensive and varied range of choices, now including Micromine 2016. This will also provide opportunities for students to enrich knowledge, research experience and interdisciplinary approach at UGM.

Jones adds, “The University of Gadjah Madah is Indonesia’s oldest and biggest university. MICROMINE looks forward to equipping the engineering faculty with the latest technology for mine engineering.”

Universities such as these provide rigorous education with high standards, placing strong emphasis on the future employability of their graduates. For this reason, MICROMINE’s Academic Licencing scheme is a valuable tool in core curriculum. MICROMINE’s ALS partner offering adds supplementary training for academic staff, provide training materials and can offer Micromine training directly to the students.