Over 37% of Bolivia’s population benefiting from the mining sector.

VANCOUVER, BC: 08 March 2018 — For the first time ever, ExpoPlaza Latina hosted an event featuring Mining Opportunities in Bolivia, presented by the Minister of Mining and Metallurgy, Mr. Cesar Navarro Miranda, at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver, Canada. Over 50 influential leaders in the mining sector attended this significant event, following PDAC in Toronto.

Ross Beaty, Chairman of Pan American Silver and Pablo Guzman, Bolivian Ambassador in Canada, provided opening remarks highlighting the importance of silver mining in Bolivia and positive relations between Canada and Bolivia over the last 12 years.

In his presentation, Minister Navarro pointed to Bolivia’s steady economic growth, most notably in the last four years, with GDP growth at over 4%, the highest in the region. Navarro attributed the country’s success to the government’s process of change with a strategic new economic growth model that includes community consultation and judicial certainty, attracting investors while also sharing mining-generated wealth with the Bolivian people. The Bolivian Government, now in its third consecutive term with the majority vote, a historical first for Bolivia, prioritizes building relationships based on mutual trust between the state, local communities and the companies investing in Bolivia. This foundational model is the cornerstone upon which Bolivia has made its positive impact on the global economy. Navarro also pointed to key investment incentives currently in force, as well as additional proposed incentives that will further strengthen the sector. Mr. Navarro indicated that the mining sector supports 37% of the Bolivian population and 2017 hit a historic record of almost 1 million tons of mining production in Bolivia.

This event was made possible through the participation of great supporters. ExpoPlaza Latina thanks the following organizations for their sponsorship: New Pacific Metals, Pan American Silver, Ferrere Abogados & MOI Solicitors.

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