Multotec Pty Ltd is a process engineering company supplying a range of consumable process solutions to the mining industry

Multotec Pty Ltd is a process engineering company supplying a range of consumable process solutions to the mining industry.

Established 40 years ago in South Africa, the company has grown internationally, and more recently Multotec Australian entity have been acquired by group company Tema Engineers in Australia.

The company focusses on walking in its clients shoes. Our business model is dominated by a high service level where we tailor ideas into valued solutions. Multotec has developed in Australia by maintaining a commitment to profitable outcomes for it clients.

Using latest design software through a skilled team of engineering and process staff, the culture of the company is founded on innovative manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and condition monitoring of its own equipment. Our solutions are designed at the mine site and tailored to engineered specific applications in our centres of excellence. These include the following solutions:

  • Screen media ( all polymers)
  • Mill Linings ( rubber, composite and steel)
  • Cyclones in dense media and classification configurations
  • Gravity concentration spirals
  • Samplers in a variety of primary, secondary and combination configurations
  • Magnetic separation (LIMS, WIMS, HIMS and Cross Belt magnetics)
  • Value add ceramic wear protection and engineered alumina tiles

Multotec specialises in process optimisation, and its primary focus is the delivery of lowest total cost solutions. Our commitment to process capability and development of flow sheets ensures that we offer peace of mind through plant availability and value in use. We are continuously investing in design improvements for our customers to increase throughput, and elevate yield.

Safety is our number one priority and the company is accredited to global standards all externally audited.

Cost of ownership in the current economy is a burden for our customers to manage and we specialize in cost reductions through technology, material science and manufacture methods that focus on best practice.

With three manufacture operations in Australia, rapid response times are a featured offering of our strategy. And the company also has built a global risk managed supply chain to increase speed to market needs and ensure it bench marks and sustains competitiveness in its offering.

With a portfolio of international clients, our products are backed by warranty and managed through predictive life forecasts and regional stock holding provisions.

Multotec have an established branch network through Australia, and local sales, service and technical expertise in-house.

You mine, we refine.

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