NORCAT launches new experiential training and development programs for the global mining industry

Toronto, Ontario, 6 March 2018 – NORCAT, a global leader in the development and provision of skilled labour training and development services, is excited to announce the launch of two new, hands-on and experiential training and development programs to prepare the global mining workforce for the “new world of work”.

These new programs, which will provide opportunities for both new and existing workers, were developed based on feedback from NORCAT’s global mining partners that identified the need to provide workers with the skills and confidence to implement, operate, and manage emerging technologies that are being adopted by and transforming the global mining industry.

The two new programs are delivered through a combination of hands-on, experiential training at the NORCAT Underground Centre and instructor-led classroom-based learning. The first new program provides fundamental skills training on the operation of tele-remote and autonomous vehicle technology while the second program focuses on understanding underground communication systems and IoT technologies.

Don Duval, NORCAT’s CEO, indicates that is it critically important to align workforce training with tomorrow’s industry needs. “Our new training and development programs demonstrate our commitment to listening to our customers, understanding the trends in work and learning, and ensuring our solutions enhance both the productivity and safety of mine workers around the world”.

“Our investments in new technology-enabled methods of training and development, combined with the development of new training and development programs, demonstrates our understanding that the new world of work in mining requires a new world of training and development,” cites Jason Bubba, NORCAT’s Director of Training and Development.  “In launching our new training programs and supporting technologies, NORCAT continues to engage, educate and strengthen the future mining work force in order to meet the human capital needs of the global mining industry.”

NORCAT will be debuting the new training and development programs and new learning technologies at the NORCAT experiential booth in the Northern Ontario Pavilion at PDAC 2018 in Toronto. The live demonstration will include the latest in mine skills training technology including AR, VR, interactive multiplayer avatar-based training, incident re-creation, and digital safety systems.

One of NORCAT’s two new programs will provide training on the operation of tele-remote and autonomous vehicle technology

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