Orica launches the premium i-kon™ III Electronic Blasting System to deliver improved blasting reliability, versatility and optimised blast outcomes

Melbourne, Australia: Orica (ASX: ORI), the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems, today announced the launch of the premium i-kon™ III Electronic Blasting System.

Designed specifically for use in high value and complex blasts at large open cut and underground operations, Orica’s i-kon ™ products have led the industry for close to 20 years. The i-kon™ III System continues this legacy in unlocking value for our customers, delivering even greater reliability, efficiency and control resulting in optimised blast outcomes for customers.

Orica Vice President Global Marketing, Carlos Mejia, said: “The i-kon™ III System is the most advanced Electronic Blasting System on the market and will deliver significant benefits to our customers’ operations.

“With improved reliability, even in harsh environmental and blasting conditions, i-kon™ III will deliver increased efficiency and versatility for greater control of blast outcomes.”

The new i-kon™ III detonator benefits from a bimetallic shell, providing optimal protection in corrosive conditions for significantly longer sleep time and increased dynamic shock resistance which improves performance in challenging ground conditions. The Orica Connector 6 also allows for quicker tie-up, resulting in a system that offers increased speed and versatility.

Orica Global Product Manager, Electronic Blasting Systems, Thomas Boos, said: “We have listened to our customers’ feedback and one of the new capabilities of the i-kon™ III System is the ease in delivering large and complex blasting with Orica’s newly developed range of blasting components. The Blaster 3000 allows for up to 6 blasts to be fired remotely, over larger distances. Combined with the new Logger II which logs up to 500 detonators, i-kon™ III increases on-bench productivity and reduces overall hardware requirements.

“With Orica’s choice of wires to suit a range of mining conditions, including the Extreme wire, customers can look forward to enhanced reliability and efficiency. Extreme delivers excellent outcomes where hard, sharp and abrasive rock is prevalent.”

In addition, the i-kon™ III System offers the opportunity for improved fragmentation and vibration control through sub-millisecond blast design. Sub-millisecond timing has the potential to open up new blasting techniques in specific applications that have not previously been considered.


i-kon™ III will be introduced globally in the second half of the 2017 calendar year with current i-kon™ II System users to receive an upgrade to the i-kon™ III System when available.

More information

i-kon™ III will be featured at the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) convention this week. For more information and presentations on the system, please visit Orica at Booth 709. For more information on the i-kon™ III System please contact your Orica representative or visit orica.com/i-konIII to explore the System.


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