PDAC 2018 gets underway on Monday

TMX Group, the global exchange leader in mining, is pleased to welcome delegates to the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s (PDAC) 2018 International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange, taking place this week in Toronto. A proud sponsor of PDAC 2018, TMX Group equities Exchanges are home to approximately half of the world’s public mining companies.

“A yearly highlight on our calendar, PDAC is an extremely important event for the mining industry ecosystem here in Canada and around the world,” said Loui Anastasopoulos, President, Capital
Formation, TMX Group. “We look forward to connecting with mining exhibitors, investors and other international delegates at this year’s conference, as we continue to explore innovative and efficient ways to support the success of mining companies throughout all stages of growth."

2017 saw a resurgence of new mining listings on both Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV); there was a 73% increase in new mining listings on both markets, and a 12% increase in mining companies’ market capitalization. Mining initial public offerings (IPOs) also saw an increase in 2017 with three on TSX and 10 on TSXV, raising approximately $966 million. The momentum has continued into 2018 – as of January 31, 2018, TSX and TSXV welcomed 11 new mining issuers, including three IPOs.

TSX and TSXV are the world’s number one listing venue for mining companies. The Exchanges were home to a total of 1,211 mining issuers that have a combined market capitalization of approximately$310 billion as at January 31, 2018. There were 1,413 mining financings last year on the Exchanges, which represents 59% of public mining company financings completed globally.
Next week, TMX Group will host a number of mining delegations from around the world, including those from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Greenland, Mexico, Mongolia and countries throughout Africa. The Exchanges will also participate in panel sessions and workshops, as well as host ceremonies to open and close trading on Canada’s premier equity markets.