PhotoSat completes highly accurate elevation mapping of Hudson Resources' White Mountain anorthosite project in Greenland

PhotoSat is pleased to announce that it has completed digital elevation mapping of Hudson’s White Mountain Project in Greenland, using stereo satellite photos from the WorldView-2 high-resolution imaging satellite. The WorldView-2 satellite is owned by DigitalGlobe of Longmont, Colorado, a leading global provider of commercial high-resolution earth imagery products.  The digital elevation map consists of an elevation point every metre and contours with 1m elevation intervals.  Based on comparisons between the stereo satellite elevation mapping and thousands of ground survey points on similar projects, the accuracy of the stereo satellite elevation mapping for areas of bare ground is expected to be better than 50cm.  The stereo satellite elevation mapping will be used for project planning and engineering studies for the White Mountain Project.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to apply cutting-edge elevation mapping technology to advance Hudson’s White Mountain Project in Greenland.  The White Mountain Anorthosite (calcium feldspar) Project has the potential to provide a high-value product for the fibreglass industry to European and North American markets, and to provide significant economic benefits to Hudson’s shareholders as well as to the people of Greenland.” says PhotoSat president Gerry Mitchell.

For more information about PhotoSat’s stereo satellite mapping accuracy case studies, click here.

About PhotoSat

PhotoSat is a team of geophysicists and associated geoscientists specializing in the computer processing of high definition elevation data from stereo satellite photos. These detailed elevation maps are used for the identification, evaluation, and monitoring of natural resources and the planning and design of resource development projects and their related facilities and infrastructure. Our goal is to provide satellite photos and derived high definition elevation and other datasets that enable decision makers in the resource industries to make better decisions in less time. Our principal clients are mining, oil and gas, engineering and environmental companies and government agencies.  For more information about PhotoSat click here.

About Hudson Resources Inc. (TSX:HUD)

Hudson Resources is a Canadian based mining company focused on the Sarfartoq rare earth project and the Naajat (White Mountain) anorthosite (calcium feldspar) project. The company has a 100% interest in these two licences totalling 772 sq km near Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland. At Sarfartoq, the Company has established a rare earth element mineral resource and is in the process of developing the economics of the project.  The White Mountain project offers the opportunity to quickly establish a mine to supply the fiberglass industry with feed material as a replacement for kaolin. This offers the potential of early cash flow. Hudson's management and technical team have significant experience in the exploration, evaluation and development of Arctic projects.  The Company is well structured to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. For more information about Hudson click here.