PROX™ – An Integrated Proximity Detection System Designed to Prevent Accidents and Injuries

HLS Hard-Line Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce a new product that will further ensure the safety of miners worldwide.  PROX™ is an integrated proximity detection system designed to prevent accidents and injuries by detecting when a remote operator enters a zone around the piece of machinery being operated. When a zone is breached, the system emits an audible and visual warning alert and can be programmed to slow or stop the machine automatically. While there are other products that are used in proximity detection, PROX™ is integrated into Hard-Line’s Muckmaster Radio Remote Control System, thus eliminating conflicting signals that could result in failure of one or both systems on the machine. Mines using PROX™ on their LHDs, for example, provide their operators with additional warning to avert dangerous incidents. Hard-Line looks forward to offering PROX™ to our existing clients and also new clients that have long been searching for such a system to enhance operator safety.

For more information on the PROX™ Integrated Proximity Detection System, please contact: Max Gray, Director of Sales North America & Global Marketing at +1.705.855.1310 or [email protected]