Putting the brakes on elevators

Ever since the idea of vertical transportation by elevator, or lift, was conceived, the very next step was going to be ensuring it was reliable. New designs need to fit within the constraints of the building while older designs may benefit from improved technology and control features. Warner Electric, part of Altra Industrial Motion, has a range of braking systems that are designed to conform to the latest standards and deliver unparalleled reliability.

Modern building design requires vertical transportation systems to maintain the functionality of the building by delivering people and equipment to their destinations efficiently and quickly. As new buildings push the boundaries of design so the internal transportation systems need to keep pace in terms of functionality.

Warner Electric has over 60 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing high specification, cost effective braking systems for installation in new designs as well as for upgrading older units. With every new building comes a new challenge, and the systems designed for the comfort and convenience of the occupants are usually of a bespoke design, which must also conform to the latest local building standards.

To help both elevator and traction machine manufacturers, Warner Electric continues to develop its extensive range of braking systems which are designed to work with both geared motors and gearless motors, as well as offering solutions for retro-fit applications. With systems conforming to EN 81-20 and EN81-50, which set the benchmark for lift design for more than half the globe, Warner Electric also has the engineering expertise to develop bespoke systems based on an extensive product range.

Systems can be specified as holding brakes for maintaining position relevant to the lift shaft, or to prevent an ascending car from overspeeding and unintended movement. In both cases, the designs can include a double braking system that offers a redundant system that may be required by some applications. Simplified installation procedures and near zero maintenance requirements complement the extensive list of specifications.

Warner Electric is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrically released brakes for the elevator market; it maintains this position through continued research and development into new technologies and manufacturing techniques. Features such as new damping systems, which maintain a low level of noise, and new lining materials guarantee an extended lifetime and help to minimise the overall size of the braking system.

Christophe Cordier, Elevator Product Manager at Warner, explains: “Our customers expect innovative, robust and competitive solutions that meet a wide range of demands. In addition, these products need to be manufactured and delivered to our customers at the earliest opportunity. This has led to changes in manufacturing processes that optimise efficiency and reduce lead times.

“The principle of lean manufacturing is employed throughout the company and is used in conjunction with extensive testing facilities to ensure the highest quality products are delivered in the most cost effective manner. These products are sold throughout the world and so we must also ensure that we provide comprehensive engineering support to all of our customers.”

As with all products delivered by the Altra group, every product line is supported by the extensive, worldwide network of sales and service facilities that can provide in-depth knowledge and support to designers, OEMs and end users.

About Warner Electric

Warner Electric offers excellent service, and delivery. Single headsets can usually be supplied from stock, with multiple units for complete machines taking 3-4 weeks on average. In addition, Warner Electric is offering headset rebuild kits, which enable customers to rebuild the magnetic headsets themselves, or the alternative of a factory repair programme, where customers ship their headsets back to the Warner Electric factory for full factory rebuilds and certification. Finally, Warner Electric provides headset exchange programmes that allow customers to receive rebuilt Warner headsets at predetermined times during the year. With this option, customers can choose the programme that best meets their needs.