Qualms Group Carves Another Niche in the Far East

The United Arab Emirates, Dubai to be specific, opened its plush doors at the breath-taking Atlantis The Palm, where it hosted, recognized and awarded the elite in the world of businesses with THE BIZZ ARABIC 2013 Awards. This is considered the world’s

THE BIZZ ARABIC 2013 Awards.

most important business recognition, which is awarded by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) to the most successful companies and business people in various countries. THE BIZZ was instituted to reward Business Excellence in small, medium and large sized enterprises, which aim to produce quality products/services and for their continued development.

The WORLDCOB was founded in 2004 in the city of Houston, Texas, in the United States of America. Its primary mission is to promote business development worldwide, recognizing and boosting the growth of leading businesses and business people in every country.

It was with great pleasure and an unforgettable experience as QUALMS Group found itself among the elite in world businesses, on the 29th of September. For the second time this year our excellent service delivery has won us global acknowledgement; the first being the 2013 ESQR Awards in London. This recognition goes on to cement our belief in continuing to provide the best services to our numerous clients, who undoubtedly have contributed massively to our growth and taken us further to the point of rubbing shoulders with the elite in the world of businesses. With these global endorsements, our desire and zeal to keep doing what we do best to support our clients’ dreams have been greatly boosted. It has nudged us further and handed us a tool to create a special space for business people, interested in our services and presenting their companies in a more in-depth manner.

Aside being awarded and recognized as an Inspirational Company, QUALMS Group crowned its night of unforgettable experience with the conferment of the title of Elite Member of the World Confederation of Businesses, again, with all rights and privileges. In addition, six members of the QUALMS Group team also received various individual awards in quality management, financial management and business leadership at the event. With this neatly tucked under our belt and with the help of WORLDCOB, we will continue to approach and do business in a manner that not only get accepted and approved by all, but politely beckons other highly recommended business bodies to look through their international windows and notice our long stretched helping hand.

At QUALMS Group, our mission and vision will remain the same and that is to take integrated approach to project technical services, training, consultancy services and knowledge management to meets clients’ needs and promote business excellence through international standards and also with a dying aim to become the continent’s leader in quality and safety business solution providers. These well-drafted elements have propelled us onto great business tracks which have turned WORLDCOB’s head and prick its
ears to look our way. This will push us to do more business through international standards with the aim of bringing total satisfaction and recommendation to our clients.

As young as we are, and having just embraced six years in service provision for the construction, mining, manufacturing and oil and gas industries, we have proudly bagged four major international awards and this is huge to us, something that has given us absolute unquestionable bragging rights. We are definitely not resting on our laurels, considering that will only lower the standards we keep striving to up and maintain. Oaring forward is our focus.

We wouldn’t have come this further and wouldn’t have achieved so much in this short space of time. The continuous support from our clients is hugely admired and it is our humble pledge to continue to offer the best services. Our open door policy is still on the cards, available to be picked by our prospective and major clients. We offer our profound gratitude to you all. The belief and trust you have in us will not be compromised at any level.

This award has inspired us to leap with you all to a great length. We rode and calmed the tide in 2013 with you all. Together, we can all pitch in to make 2014 a knockout and that is why, from the bottom of our hearts, we dedicate this prestigious award to you our clients.