Rio Tinto opens Chicago office to be closer to US customers

Chicago, Illinois (July 19, 2018) Rio Tinto has marked a key milestone in the company’s operations in the United States with the opening of a new commercial office in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago has long been one of the world’s historic commodity hubs. The new Rio Tinto office will allow for expanded engagement and provide opportunities for partnerships with new and existing customers. Around 70 roles will be centralized into the new office.

Chief commercial officer Simon Trott said, “The US is one of the largest markets globally for Rio Tinto’s products. Opening a commercial office in Chicago strategically locates our US sales and marketing activities closer to our existing and future customers. It also gives Rio Tinto access to the US talent pool and ensures the company responds and adapts to market changes, allowing us to better respond to customer needs. Rio Tinto’s operations have supplied essential materials to US customers for over 100 years and the company is committed to continuing to partner and deepen our relationship with them.”

Rio Tinto is a leading supplier of essential materials such as copper, aluminum and industrial minerals to American manufacturers.

Note to the editor

The United States is home to more than 3,000 Rio Tinto employees working at operations in Utah, Arizona and California, and 25 percent of the company’s shares are owned in the US. The United States is one of the largest markets for Rio Tinto’s products, including copper, diamonds and industrial minerals. Rio Tinto is the largest supplier of aluminum to the United States from its low carbon operations in Canada. Rio Tinto’s Boron mine in California recently celebrated its 145th anniversary of supplying essential materials to customers around the world.

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