Rösler launches tyre sensor which reads tread depth and belt temperature

Dortmund, July 23, 2014 – After three years of development and testing, Rösler is proud to launch its new INTREAD TYRE SENSOR – a TPMS system which is radically different from any other product available on the market. With the Intread system, mining fleet operators will be for the first time able to receive live tread depth and belt temperature information of every single tyre they have in use.  These features offer huge benefits and result in maximized tyre performance and cost savings.

The Intread system consists of two sensors: an air pressure and air temperature measurement sensor which is placed at the innerliner of the tyre and a tread sensor which is placed in the tread to measure the tread depth and the belt temperature. The tread sensor is made out of rubber and wears down with the tread of the tyre. Furthermore a PDA Communication Centre is mounted in the cabin of the truck which shows the driver the current status of his tyres and sends out all data. In difference to common TPMS systems, the Intread does not need any additional wires or antennas mounted to the truck.

Ronny Dietsch, Technical Sales Manager at Rösler, points out, “With the Intread Tyre Sensor you can sit in your office and check live your wear rates and the tread depth status of your entire fleet at any of your mines around the world. Just imagine how easy it becomes for mining companies to do their demand forecasts, wear rate analysis, stock planning or generate their stats. With Intread all this can be done live without deployment of cost intensive personnel and without having to stop the vehicle.”

The Intread Tyre Sensor is the ideal solution for maximizing mining equipment productivity and will be available from now on.

For more information, visit www.roesler-tyres.com.