RST and Proof Launch Suite of New Geo-Technology

LEADING Australian dust management and soil stabilisation company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) together with Proof Engineers have launched a new suite of specially-engineered super absorbent products, which will see both award-winning companies expand in multi-million dollar markets.

Furthering their growth and versatility in the national and international marketplace, RST and Proof Engineers designed the new cutting-edge ‘Geopolymers’ range specifically for applications within the mining, oil and gas and civil sector.

Queensland-based RST, who specialise in providing advanced dust suppressant technology to mine sites world-wide, had designed the latest suite of cutting-edge products for civil and mining purposes, using innovative super absorbent crystal solutions as high-performing binding and solidifying agents.

Requiring technical validation for its new line of products, RST sought out the engineering expertise of Proof Engineers – who have since taken the Geopolymer range to the next level.

Having an already well-established strategic alliance with RST and specialising in haul road stabilisation and performance monitoring across mine sites globally – Proof Engineers applied their engineering skills to further develop the

RST’s Technical and Operations Director David Handel with Proof Engineers Director Sebastian Karsas

innovative technology and evolve the structural capabilities of each product.

RST’s operations and technical director David Handel said with Proof Engineer’s assistance in the development of the Geopolymer range, they have been able to successfully expand into new arenas – already achieving proven results.

“We had received many enquiries from companies wanting to find solutions specific to their industry, so our development team together with Proof Engineers designed the technology and systems to create these high absorbing, cross-linking polymers, allowing us to enter into new markets,” Mr Handel said.

“Though we specialise in designing leading-edge technology for the open-cut mining sector, we have always wanted to extend our expertise and move into new areas of the mining industry as well as expand further within the oil and gas market.

“Using this advanced super absorbing technology together with Proof Engineer’s expertise, we have managed to successfully develop a new range of highly-advanced products that address unique requirements specific to the oil and gas, mining and civil engineering projects.”

Proof Engineers director Sebastian Karsas said they had engineered each product to successfully maximise results and offer cost-effective alternatives for areas that encase large amounts of water, sites that are prone to high water-wastage or applications where production is significantly affected by water-based materials.

“These Geopolymers are extremely advanced in technical structure, providing a fast-acting and highly effective solution to solve material handling challenges for specific areas where water, sludge or slurries are prevalent,” Mr Karsas said.

“These specific polymers have been designed to retain large amounts of liquid in comparison to their own mass, and what we have managed to do is cross-link the polymers with advanced technology – engineering the product integrity in a way to create individual formulas tailored to different sites.

“For example, one of our new Geopolymer products Damseal Dynamic has been specifically designed for applications such as lining or sealing dams or containing large bodies of water on sites, for oil and gas, civil and farming operations.

“It is a cost-effective, fast-acting ground-sealing solution, which creates an impermeable barrier capable of holding tonnes of water, sludge or slurries and minimises the usage of HDPE liners onsite.”

Mr Karsas said they had spent 18 months alongside RST, testing and trialling the product range on various sites throughout Australia receiving validated results.

“We anticipate this new range will be well-received, as it offers specific products that will be highly competitive in the marketplace,” Mr Karsas said.

“We are also continuing to design new technology and products for this range that are currently in the development phase, and we expect these will be ready to launch in the coming months.”

RST has more than 25 years experience specialising in total dust management, soil stabilisation and erosion, water and agricultural solutions for mine sites, haul roads, ports and land sites in Australia and overseas.

The company’s head office is based at Burleigh Heads, Queensland with an additional office in Carlisle, Western Australia. RST’s international operations extend to countries including South and North America, South Africa, Asia and New Caledonia.

For more information please contact Reynolds Soil Technologies on (07) 5522-0244 or Proof Engineers on (07) 5522-0855.

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