Russia’s Kotinskaya Longwall Mine Orders Cat® Face Conveyor

CAT Armoured Face Conveyor for Longwall Mining

CAT Armoured Face Conveyor for Longwall Mining

Kotinskaya Mine, operated by the Siberian Coal Energy Company (JSC SUEK), placed an order for a new Cat® armored face conveyor and beam stage loader in September. Using Cat longwall roof supports, face conveyor (AFC) and stage loader, the Kuzbass region mine has repeatedly set Russian longwall production records. The new equipment is designed to continue that legacy.

Caterpillar Global Mining facilities in Luenen, Germany will manufacture the high capacity system, and Vostochnaya Technika UK (commonly known as VT), the Cat dealer in the region, will deliver and support it. Delivery is scheduled for March 2016.

The new hardware includes a PF6/1142 AFC with a length of 306 meters (1,000 ft). Three Cat CST gearboxes will be powered by three motors of 750 kW (1,000 hp) each. The Cat stage loader type is PF6/1342 with a conveyor length of 29 meters, powered by a 200/400 kW (265/535 hp) drive system. Crusher motor power is 400 kW (535 hp). A belt return unit is also part of the package.

Kotinskaya’s current longwall is equipped with two-leg Cat shields, each with a width of 1.75 meters (5.75 feet) and support capacity of 725 tonnes (800 tons). With an operating range of 2.2 to 4.8 meters (7.2 to 15.7 ft), the supports are used in a seam that is typically slightly more than 4 meters thick. The mine currently produces about 3.0 million tonnes (3.3 million tons) of coal annually.


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