SEMAFO updates on security in Burkina Faso

Canadian-based mining company, SEMAFO Inc. announced an update on its security measures in Burkina Faso, following two armed incidents last week.

The transportation of personnel and supplies has resumed at both the Boungou and Mana mines and measures have been taken to improve employee safety.

All expatriate employees are now being transported by helicopter between Ouagadougou and the mines, and SEMAFO has deployed a ground military force between the mines and the capital city.

Further investigation into Friday’s incident revealed that the employee bus had the misfortune of driving into an ongoing hold-up by bandits which led to an exchange of gunfire, as previously reported.  As part of our new security measures SEMAFO has reinforced escorts for transportation of national employees to and from the Mana Mine.

The Mana and Boungou Mines continue to operate without interruption.