Show stopping Stromag solutions at Hannover 2017


Stromag has been supporting drive train performance across a wide range of industries since 1932. [Source: fotolia by Adobe – Massimo Cavallo/StudioLaMagica/LovePhy/jarous]

Hannover 2017 will see the debut of Stromag, a premium manufacturer of innovative power transmission components, as part of the Altra Industrial Motion Corporation. After joining the group in December 2016, Stromag will take the opportunity to display a wide range of high performance brakes, flexible couplings and geared cam limit switches at the exhibition. Visitors will be able to meet the Stromag engineering team for insight in Hall 25, Stand J03 from the 24th – 28th April at Hannover Messe.

SHD5A Hydraulic Disc brake [Source: Stromag]

SHD5A Hydraulic Disc brake [Source: Stromag]

Stromag has been supporting drive train performance across a wide range of industries since 1932. It will be using the Hannover show as an opportunity to display its varied solutions for the industrial, crane, offshore, metal, mining, port, truck and wind sectors at the show.

Double-Face Spring-Applied HPI brake [Source: Stromag]

Double-Face Spring-Applied HPI brake [Source: Stromag]

Various high performance brakes will be available for viewing on the stand. These include the SHD5A Hydraulic Disc brake and TDXB Thrustor Disc brake. Both are well suited to applications in tower and port cranes. Furthermore, the heavy duty TDXB Thrustor Disc Brake will be displayed, which with its robust construction is well adapted for use in port, at the mine or in steelworks. All these models feature wear compensation technology to boost service life.

The SLA Electromagnetic Spring-Applied Brake, a device specifically for parking and emergency stop braking in industrial trucks and vehicles, can also be viewed. Continuing with the electromagnetic theme, the Double-Face Spring-Applied HPI brake from Stromag is a preferable choice for use in harsh environments due to its superior protection. This durability makes it ideal for use in industrial and crane applications.

Illustrating the brand’s expertise with regards to multiple disciplines, two further Stromag brakes will also be on the stand. The CB120 A-Strong Azimuth Brake is tailored specifically for use in wind turbines, offering a substantial 662kN maximum clamp force. A weight optimised design and an adaptability to suit large diameter turbines makes it an ideal selection for such operations. Finally, the SDB 250 Drum Brake completes Stromag’s brake offering, with a braking torque range between 110 to 9600 Nm. The design features a dedicated Electro-Hydraulic Thrustor and a highly durable design to service intensive braking cycles.

Geared Cam Limit switches will also have a major presence on the stand. Firstly, two “CAM” geared cam limit switch variants will be in the spotlight, the Light Cam® M and the Smart Cam®. The Light Cam® M is geared and offers extended integration options, contained within a durable aluminium housing. A rotary gear design differentiates the Smart Cam®, which offers high precision, easy configuration and straightforward set up. Concluding the product highlights, the LightXcross® LX Lever Cross Switch will be available to view, a limit switch that enables reliable deactivation of all translatory movements. Such versatility means it is suited for use with all types of cranes, trolleys and hoists.

Light Cam® M [Source: Stromag]

Light Cam® M [Source: Stromag]

Stromag will be available from the 24th – 28th April in Hall 25, Stand J03, Deutsche Messe, Hannover, Germany.

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