SKF Cooper bearings get a facelift

SKF Cooper split roller bearings will get a brand new look with new colour, product markings and box design starting 1 November 2018. The new SKF Cooper dual product branding and identity will be applied for all split roller bearings.

 Key changes of SKF Cooper split bearings new look include housing branding, packaging, labels, component markings, housing paint colour.

The change from the current Cooper product brand and identity to the new SKF Cooper dual product brand and identity will begin 1st November 2018, and cover all products made by SKF Cooper. This will be a step by step implementation during the end of 2018 and into 2019, therefore customers will see the changes gradually over time as to cover all product ranges.

Key changes will be the housing branding, product name plates, packaging and labels, component markings as well as housing and cartridge paint colour.

Customers can rest assure that the changes are only visual and do not in any way impact the product’s technology or performance.

SKF Cooper products will continue to complement the growing SKF portfolio of complete solutions for the marine, mining, quarrying, construction and energy sectors.  In addition to the brand name change, the channels to market for SKF Cooper products, including responses to customer enquiries, product supply and after-sales support, will be handled on a global basis through local SKF sales outlets going forward.

SKF Cooper split roller bearings can be fitted, removed and inspected without having to dismantle surrounding equipment, providing savings in terms of reduced maintenance and downtime. The products include both split cylindrical roller bearings and split double row tapered roller bearings, the latter with the ability to take axial loads in either direction. Both are housed and sealed in special swivel cartridges, which are suitable for mounting in pedestal or flanged outer housings.

SKF Cooper split roller bearings get a brand new look