Striker Australia – from the Australian landscape onto the world stage

They say if you want to be dazzled by marketing you talk to an American. If you want to talk finance, you go and see an Englishman. If you want a tall building you can talk to a Malaysian and if you need manufacturing you go and see the Chinese. And so it follows inarguably that if you want to discuss mining you talk to an Australian.

The Australian ‘brand’ in mining is recognised worldwide as a benchmark to mining methodology, equipment selection and operational expertise. Australia’s vast landscape and often hostile environment coupled with relatively high input costs has weeded out all but the most robust, cost effective and production efficient mining solutions. And this is precisely how Striker Australia emerged from the Australian landscape onto the world stage.

Versatility is the key. No two mines or quarries are the same. Neither are their plans, regulations, lifecycles, ore body distribution, topography, commodity prices or budgets. How do you develop a market for a standard range of machines that suits such divergent conditions and countries? Answer: You don’t. Your range of machines and ideas must be as diverse and adaptable as the countries and clients you have. This is where Strikers team has channelled their energy.

Striker has successfully built more than 1000 machines for unique projects all around the world. Standing behind our motto ‘Built to Last’, not knowing what happens to a Striker Machine after its life span is something Striker is proud of.

Having spent all his working life in the crushing and screening industry in Australia and Asia, Craig Pedley Strikers founder says” I feel Striker is very different to our European counterparts. Our Australian way is much more consultative. I see my colleagues working side-by-side with our clients and I hear them representing our clients, always seeking to add value and offer the most cost effective solution, and always ensuring every machine is built to last. I am extremely proud of what we have achieved. We’ve kept our feet on the ground despite our rapid growth and I am still really excited about future.”

Striker Australia Pty Ltd


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