Striker Join Forces with Hero Condoms

Purchasing spare parts with Striker can help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Through reading about Hero condoms on a news blog Strikers CEO saw a great opportunity to help a needing cause. Speaking back and forth with Hero and throughout the company, Striker created a new aspect to our spare parts. With every new spare parts order we would send out a packet of Hero condoms.

Striker Australia started in an office in the suburb of Welshpool, Western Australia with only the founder Craig Pedley working all the sales, design and service roles. Striker commenced business in July 1998 with the initial purpose of supporting the W.A crushing and screening industry. Now 16 years later, Striker has grown to a company that employees over 200 people and has offices, facilities and dealers worldwide.

Why Hero? HERO condoms are not your traditional condom company. They are not only dedicated to providing you with great condoms; they are making sex even better with their 1 for 1 promise. For every condom purchased here in Australia, a condom will be given out in Africa, helping to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

A devastating epidemic threatens an entire continent, impacting over 22 million in Sub- Saharan Africa alone. Without proper protection or treatment, the rate of infection is expected to catastrophically grow to 95 million within the next decade. In 2011 1.7 million people died due to AIDS Africa is home to 69% of those living with HIV and 72% of AIDS deaths in 2009. Healthcare, education, food production and basic daily necessities are affected in this constant battle.