Tasmanian nickel mine to restart, Transamine secures offtake

Image from Wikimedia Commons

KALGOORLIE, Aug 7 (Reuters) – Privately held Dundas Mining is restarting its Avebury nickel mine in Tasmania early next year and Swiss trading house Transamine has secured the offtake, a source familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

Avebury, which had most recently been owned by China-backed MMG, was sold to Dundas last year and has been on care and maintenance since 2009.

The will produce around 7,000-8,000 tonnes of nickel and Transamine has secured offtake for the full amount, the person said. The concentrate will be sold into the battery and stainless steel markets. The trading house will provide a line of finance in double digit millions of dollars, the person said.

(Reporting by Melanie Burton; Editing by Vyas Mohan)

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