Trolex Methane Monitoring helps Alkane Energy with Power Production

Trolex has supplied 30 Sentrum systems to Alkane Energy, the ‘gas to power’ energy company, to detect and monitor levels of methane.  The systems are installed at 15 Alkane Energy sites across the UK, replacing out-of-date and unreliable equipment.

Alkane Energy is the UK’s leading coal mine methane (CMM) producer. The company has unrivalled expertise in the design, build and operation of methane gas-fuelled power plants. Alkane Energy’s clean technology power plants contribute to the UK’s efforts to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Alkane has 70MWs of installed electrical generating capacity covering CMM, conventional gas and biogas.

The Sentrum advanced methane recovery monitoring system from Trolex for gas-to-energy and environmental safety projects, utilises state-of-the-art software to deliver the mostaccurate and reliable methane recovery monitoring on the market today.

Each Sentrum system is bespoke, precision-engineered to meet the needs of an individual project in order to maximise performance. Long-term system integrity is also ensured by dedicated support for initial installation and ongoing service.

Wayne Straw of Alkane Energy explained why and how the company chose these systems. “Accurate gas analysis and monitoring is vital for safe and successful utilisation. We are generating electricity from expensive generator sets and providing the best protection is paramount.” He continued, “One great benefit of the Sentrum system is that the gas sample is pumped to the sensors which keeps the gas out of the ‘Safe Area’, and as we use other Trolex equipment too, using familiar kit is a great help. Our application requires the equipment to be ATEX Certified Group I so the Trolex Sentrum was the obvious choice.”

The certified Group 1 Sentrum systems are intrinsically safe and operate successfully within the most dangerous and hazardous working conditions while delivering accurate real-time information to control centres on-site, or via web and satellite links to remote locations.  At Alkane Energy, each Sentrum is fitted above ground on the outlet pipe straight from the mine shaft or bore hole. Trolex has also supplied gas detection systems for Alkane complete with control, temperature, pressure and local alarm.

Wayne Straw also described the flexibility of the Trolex system and added, “Over time we have made a few modifications to suit our specific requirements. These have included the introduction of a high capacity suction pump, a ‘by pass’ system to allow improved functionality of the drainage facility, and the installation of 100% CO2 Sensors. In our latest design, we have taken most of the equipment out of the standard enclosure and had these mounted on a plate to help in restricted spaces”.

Further information is available from Trolex Ltd., on 0161 483 1435, email [email protected] or by visiting the company’s website