Using a satellite to estimate the amount of rock mined at Penasquito

Photosat is a leader in producing non-intrusive, highly accurate satellite topographic maps are recognized as an alternative to the increased risk and associated expense when using personnel on the ground for surveying in hazardous areas.

At the beginning of 2010 PhotoSat calculated volume estimates for changes to the pit of the Penasquito Gold Mine over a period of approximately 1 month.

Stereo WorldView-2 satellite photos were taken of the Penasquito pit on January 31 and again on February 27, 2010. Using its proprietary geophysical stereo satellite elevation processing system, PhotoSat produced elevation values covering the Penasquito mine site for these two dates.

The volume changes in the pit, the waste dumps, the leach pad and the ore stockpiles were then calculated from the differences between the February 27 and January 31 elevation surfaces.

Penasquito pit January 31 and February 27, 2010



Volume additions January 31 to February 27. The volume additions to the Penasquito waste dumps, ore stockpiles and leach pad total 6,091,000 m3 for the period of January 31 to February 27.


Volume additions, Penasquito leach pad, January 31 to February 27, 2010

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