Varnish Removal System Extracts Both Soluble and Suspended Varnish from Lubrication Oil

BOERNE, TX — April 30, 2013 — Oil Filtration Systems has announced a new series of oil purification equipment to remove varnish from hydraulic and lubrication oils. By utilizing the two leading varnish mitigation technologies, a single Varnish Removal System (VRS) can remove either soluble varnish or suspended varnish from oil, a versatile feature that is unmatched by similar filtration equipment.

VRS equipment employs granular adsorbent media to remove soluble varnish found in warm oil at normal operating temperatures of 100°F and higher. At cooler temperatures, (typically under 70°F), varnish is in suspension and can be removed by depth media filter elements. The VRS housing accepts either media, giving an end user the flexibility to effectively remove either type of varnish.

As soluble varnish is removed from the oil, it allows hard varnish deposits on the metal surfaces of the lube oil system to fall back into solution. In this way, continuous use of a Varnish Removal System (VRS) will not only improve the oil quality, but it will also result in the decrease of hard varnish deposits on servo valves and other critical components within the lube oil system itself.

The Varnish Removal System is ideal for purifying turbine lube oil (i.e. Frame 7FA and 7EA Gas Turbines), hydraulic oil, Fryquel® EHC fluid, paper machine oil, compressor oil, and oil for many other types of rotating equipment. Varnish, (also known as sludge or tar), is a serious maintenance concern for operators of rotating equipment. It is a by-product of oxidation, additive drop-out and thermal degradation. In severe cases it can “plate out” on metal surfaces, and if left alone, it can build-up on valves and other critical components.

Varnish Removal Systems are built in several different sizes, and they are available for purchase or for rent on an emergency basis for shipment anywhere in the world.

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