Winner of Carnegie Mineralogical Award–W. Lesley Presmyk

Carnegie Museum of Natural History is pleased to announce W. Lesley Presmyk, a retired mining engineer in Arizona, as the winner of the prestigious 2017 Carnegie Mineralogical Award. The Carnegie Mineralogical Award honors outstanding contributions in mineralogical preservation, conservation and education.

Presmyk has spent 44 years working with hard rock and coal, and recently retired. His accomplishments include managing the Red Cloud Mine project, consulting on the San Francisco Mine and Rushy Creek Mine, and working on other specimen-collecting mining projects. Presmyk is the co-author of the 2012 book “Collecting Arizona: State of Mines, Legacy of Minerals,” and a contributing author for the 2008 book “American Mineral Treasures.” He has written many articles for “The Mineralogical Record” and “Rocks & Minerals.”

“Les Presmyk is an excellent choice for the 2017 Carnegie Mineralogical Award,” says Debra L. Wilson, Collection Manager of Minerals and Gems. “He has a deep reverence and passion for the stewardship of minerals and the mineral world, and has been called a luminary figure in Arizona mineralogy.”

Presmyk will accept the award, which includes a $3,000 cash prize, at the 2018 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, held Feb. 8-11; Presmyk will be attending the prestigious show for the 55th consecutive time, and he is vice president of the show’s board of directors. Presmyk also was one of the original inductees into the Mineralogical Society of Arizona’s Hall of Fame, and he served as president. He also served as chairman of the Flag Mineral Foundation’s Board of Directors, and got the A.L. Flag Distinguished Service Award in 2002.

Presmyk has been involved with many community-service organizations and projects over the years, including serving as chair of the Gilbert Parks and Recreation Board since 2011, and serving as vice-chair of the Dignity Foundation Board.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History established the Carnegie Mineralogical Award, funded by the Hellman Foundation, in 1987.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2018 Carnegie Mineralogical Award, through Dec. 1. Eligible candidates include educators, private mineral enthusiasts and collectors, curators, museums, mineral cubs and societies, universities and publications. For information, contact Debra L. Wilson, Collection Manager of Section of Minerals, at 412-622-3391 or [email protected]. For a nomination form, visit HTTP://Carnegie/WP-content/uploads/…/AWARD-NOM-FORM-2018.doc

Past recipients include:

2016 Anthony R. Kampf, PhD.
2015 George Harlow, PhD.
2014 Bryon N. Brookmyer
2013 Gloria A. Staebler
2012 George W. Robinson, PhD.
2011 Jeffrey E. Post, PhD.
2010 The Rochester Mineralogical Symposium
2009 Peter K.M. Megaw, PhD.
2008 Frank C. Hawthorne, PhD.
2007 Jeffrey A. Scovil
2006 Richard C. Whiteman
2005 June Culp Zeitner
2004 Joel A. Bartsch, PhD.
2003 Eugene S. Meieran, PhD.
2002 Terry C. Wallace, Jr., PhD.
2001 Wendell E. Wilson, PhD.
2000 F. John Barlow, PhD.
1999 Sterling Hill Mining Museum
1998 Robert W. Jones
1997 Bryan K. Lees
1996 Cornelis (Kase) Klein, PhD.
1995 Marie E. Huizing
1994 The Mineralogical Record
1993 Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Jr., PhD.
1992 Carl A. Francis, PhD.
1991 Miguel A. Romero Sanchez, PhD.
1990 Paul E. Desautels
1989 Frederick H. Pough, PhD.
1988 John Sinkankas, PhD.
1987 The Tucson Gem & Mineral Society

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