Xstract Provides New Free Software for Exploration and Mining

Xstract has produced a free and open-source mining database and software package called XODB (Xstract Open Database) to support better quality of information in the mining industry, and make exploration software more available to smaller mining and exploration companies. XODB supports emerging standards like AusIMM's 'CoalLog' and will help small to medium sized exploration and mining companies manage their valuable data better. XODB provides much of the functionality available in the existing software on the market without the hefty price tag.

  • XODB has the ability to synchronise information between geologists in the field or between servers using Microsoft's Azure cloud.
  • XODB can store detailed exploration data including drilling, QAQC and geophysics.
  • XODB can store geological models.
  • XODB helps with compliance.
  • XODB adds value in providing detailed reporting and analysis.

XODB is unique because it is free and open to contributors from all areas of the industry. Everyone in the industry can benefit from its development. Xstract welcomes contributions from clients, peers, and the rest of the mining community. Xstract plans that XODB will support insight into all areas of the mining value chain and all stages of mine development in future releases.

Download the software or find out more information about XODB at http://xodb.xstractgroup.com.