Yukon Women in Mining launches first mining experiential extravaganza in three communities to celebrate Mining Month in Yukon

Yukon, Canada – From May 15th-May 20th, Yukon Women in Mining (YukonWIM) is pleased host the first Yukon Mining Experiential Extravaganza (YukonWIM Extravaganza) in the communities of Pelly Crossing, Faro and Dawson City in celebration of Mining Month in Yukon.

May in Yukon has historically been the start of the mining season with key events that signal the beginning of spring and the launch of the exploration, mining and placer season and this year the YukonWIM Extravaganza will be a new and exciting part of mining month. In each of the three communities, the YukonWIM Extravaganza will set-up an “Exploration Camp” of prospector tents, where more than 15 companies and organizations will host a variety of educational and interactive activities for all ages.

With more than 100 careers in the mineral sector, from geology to environmental sciences, marketing to management and trades to technology, youth, young entrepreneurs and the entire community can discover the occupational trades and professions in Yukon’s valuable, high-tech, safe, environmentally and socially responsible industry.

YukonWIM – Yukon Mining Experiential Extravaganza Schedule

  • May 15th – Link Building Parking Lot, Pelly Crossing
  • May 17th – Del Van Gorder School Field, Faro
  • May 19th-20th – International Gold Show, Dawson City

“In Yukon, we are fortunate to have a strong history of trailblazers and YukonWIM aims to connect these pioneers, our modern-day mentors, and our female role-models, with Yukoners, through engaging and interactive events and social media platforms in each community,” stated YukonWIM Founder & President Anne Lewis. “Improving diversity within the mining workforce, by attracting and retaining traditionally underrepresented groups such as women, is a significant opportunity for the industry. There are more than 30 mining industry representatives travelling to the communities throughout the week and we hope that everyone will come out to try on a career for a day!”

“Raising awareness of the variety of careers available in the mining sector can reduce barriers to entry. Connecting youth and communities in a hands-on, engaging event will foster an appreciation of career opportunities. The exploration camp gives youth the chance to see diverse paths to employment through role models and personal connection. Government of Yukon is pleased to support this youth focused event as part of Mining Month” – Ranj Pillai, Minister of Economic Development.

For more information on the YukonWIM Extravaganza and for a complete list of sponsors, exhibitors and activities, please visit www.YukonWIMExtravaganza.ca.

YukonWIM would like to thank the exhibitors, sponsors and partners for their support of this initiative: Alkan Air, AR Environmental, Capstone Mining – Minto Mine, Casino Mining Corp, Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining, Chief Isaac Group of Companies, Every Student Every Day Society, Goldcorp, Government of Yukon, Klondike Placer Miners Association – ItsInOurVeins, MacBride Museum, MBS Services, PDAC’s Mining Matters, Pelly Construction, R.L. Resource Management, Vaxandi Group, Victoria Gold Corp, Yukon Geological Survey, Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce, Yukon Research Centre, Yukon Women in Trades & Technology, Yukon Worker’s Health & Safety Compensation Board.


Alkan Air – Learn to Fly Program – MINTO EDITION

Each Learn to Fly ‘Captain’ will have a 20-minute lesson in flying that takes them from Pelly Crossing over the Minto Mine & back. See Yukon’s only operating mine in action from 5,000ft!

Thank you to the Yukon First Nation of Chamber of Commerce for helping our pilots prepare to fly. Limited seats available in each community: E-mail [email protected] to Learn More!

Alkan Air – Learn to Fly Program – FARO EDITION

Each Learn to Fly ‘Captain’ will have a 20-minute lesson in flying that takes them from Faro over the Faro Mine & back. See Yukon mine reclamation as it happens!

Thank you to the Yukon First Nation of Chamber of Commerce for helping our pilots prepare to fly. Limited seats available in each community: E-mail [email protected] to Learn More!

Alkan Air – Learn to Fly Program – DAWSON EDITION

Each Learn to Fly ‘Captain’ will have a 20-minute lesson in flying that takes them from downtown Dawson over the Gold Fields and Placer Operations & back. See Yukon’s placer sector in action!

Limited seats available in each community: E-mail [email protected] to Learn More!

Capstone – Minto Mine (Pelly Crossing Only)

The Magic in the Mill. How do rocks get from the pit, to the metal in wires, my phone, my bike, my car? Learn about the milling process and place the concentrate in the correct order to see how copper turns from a rock into a wire!

Casino Mining Corp

Mix & Match Mine. Explore the proposed Casino Project and challenge a friend to see who can name match up the parts of the Casino Mine first! Faro Only – Design Your Own Copper & Amethyst Jewelry.

Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining (Pelly Only)

Rocking & Rolling Rocks. Learn about plate tectonics and seismic activity in Yukon!

MacBride Museum

Build your own mine in our Lego tent and find out what makes mines come together, brick by brick.  Also try out some of underground safety gear from yesterday and today


Exploring our Environment. Join Goldcorp environmental scientists to learn all about water, wildlife and plants as you plan, build, operate and then close a mine.

Government of Yukon – Dept. of Economic Development

Smash a Geode. Have you ever found crystal inside a rock? Put on your PPE, grab a rock hammer and smash your own geode to take home.

Government of Yukon – Yukon Geological Survey (Faro & Dawson Only)

Augmented Reality Sandbox. Create topography models by shaping real sand, which is then augmented in real time by an elevation color map. Learn all about geographic, geologic, and hydrologic concepts such as how to read a topography map, the meaning of contour lines, watersheds, catchment areas, levees, and much more!

KPMA: Yukon Placer Mining – ItsInOurVeins

Name That Placer Process! Check out a replica of a placer mine and name the parts of the operation.

Don’t be Fooled! Can you tell the difference between real gold and fool’s gold? Come find out!

For an extra prize entry, watch the new 60sec ItsInOurVeins video and like us on Facebook or Follow on Twitter!

MBS Services (Dawson Only)

Have you picked up your new placer safety handbook? Come by and chat about Placer safety!

PDAC’s Mining Matters

Geology, Geology, Geology. Discover the rocks that make mining matter and our world work. Different activities for all ages when you visit mining matters!

Pelly Construction (Pelly Crossing Only)

Let’s Go Digging! Dive into an open-pit (sand-box), and discover all the heavy equipment that moves rocks, dirt and gravel from an open-pit on to the next stages of mining. Great activity for all.

Yukon Research Centre

Learn how research right here in Yukon is shaping our modern mining industry!

Yukon Women in Trades & Technology (YWITT)

Experience the Trades: Pre-Fab to Fabulous. Learn to build and make things with your hands and take it home to show it off.

Yukon Women in Mining (YukonWIM)

Do you know what your career in Mining is? Come find out as we show you the tools of each ‘trade’ and then reveal your career destiny.

Yukon Worker’s Health & Safety Compensation Board (WCB)

Safety First. Second. And Last. Yukon’s mining industry is high-tech and safety-orientated and you can learn how sound safety is a critical part of that.