Wedge Wire Screens Successfully Coated With Tungsten Carbide

Oilville, VA – Solid Spray Technologies has successfully coated wedge wire screens with tungsten carbide for separating water and coal in coal preparation plants. Using their patented Stabilized Combustion HVAF process utilizing solid particle spray technology, a coating was applied to the inner surface of the screen.

The coated screen was tested next to an identical chrome plated screen. The chrome plated screen was worn and needed to be replaced after 2 months of operation. The tungsten carbide coated screen was removed after 4 months of operation in order to install a different size screen. However, the screen was not worn out.

Using SC-HVAF technology, Solid Spray Technologies applies a wide variety of abrasion and corrosion resistant materials to form coatings of dramatically improved quality. The process works 5 – 10 times faster than plasma and HVOF. It is used for in-house and on-site applications. Additionally, it produces no hazardous waste, and the overspray can be recycled.

About Solid Spray Technologies:

Solid Spray Technologies was founded in 2006. Located in Oilville, VA, the company operates in a 10,000 square foot facility. Parts of a variety of shapes and sizes are sprayed using industrial robots and automated systems.

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