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Buy and Sell recommendations should be added at the recommended price.

The Surge Index System Buys Weakness and Sells Strength

Super Force Gold Bullion Analysis:

  • Gold has a Super Force Buy Signal as of Wednesday Oct. 27.
  • Buy Price: 131.70 via SGOL.
  • The "bullion equivalent" buy price: $1317.
  • Wednesday and Thursday's action was explosive. A government that simply prints money is going to get exploding asset prices. When the largest economy in the World does this, it creates serious price movement in the gold market.
  • This action is now spreading, bigtime, for many assets such as Agriculture and Crude Oil, and soft commodities to name just two.
  • A key point on SGOL chart #1 is the long tail candles. These have been quite positive in this market historically. The action points to higher prices in the short term.
  • I am a Long Term Bull as it relates to GOLD. I bought more physical bullion when many were predicting much lower prices and better entry levels back in July. Where are the better entry levels now? I'm not selling my physical gold. I'm convinced Gold and Silver will continue to move higher.
  • What about trading positions? Well, I bought into the lows Thursday in GDXJ and gold via SGOL and issued those buy alerts thru my Superforce Trading Service.

  • Gains of approx. 8-9% were booked on Thursday's purchases already!
  • In recent weeks I have been talking about the depth of a correction. Gold pulled back, but it was not a viable correction. I will keep an eye on this process and keep you informed. The pullback in the last weeks did offer buys in the Surge Index System. I am holding more gold now than I have since the Bottom in July.
  • I have included a second chart this week. This chart gives what I see as a reasonable intermediate price target. Here is SuperForce Key Gold Market Chart #2.


  • KEY CHART #3:


Buy and Sell recommendations should be added at the recommended price.

The Surge Index System Buys Weakness and Sells Strength

Super Force Gold JUNIORS Analysis:

  • I have issued a Super Force Buy Signal on GDXJ on Wednesday Oct. 27 at $34.02. Price now: Aprox $40.
  • GDXJ has been the leader in the precious metal sector for quite a while. Few understand this fact. Note in the above chart how the warning indicated a buy opportunity was coming.
  • The Surge Index issued the buy and readers enlarged your positions. I wanted a deeper correction, as did most in the gold community, but you have to take what the market gives.

  • The action on Wednesday and Thursday on the upside was astounding. Note the same candle action that was highlighted in the bullion! These long tailed candles have been extremely Bullish for the precious metal sector and here they are on the Juniors!
  • I'm convinced price will be not just higher, but dramatically higher. Don't just add to trading positions.
  • Add to your gold core!
  • The gold markets look to be headed higher, although you must be prepared for any outcome at any time. Any further weakness in price should be used to add to positions, not to get concerned about greater damage.

Buy and Sell recommendations should be added at the recommended price.

The Surge Index System Buys

Weakness and Sells Strength



Buy and Sell recommendations should be added at the recommended price.

The Surge Index System Buys

Weakness and Sells Strength



Super Force Gold Stocks Analysis:

  • I issued a fresh Super Force Buy Signal Oct 19th for the stock stocks basis GDX at $54.26.
  • I am extremely BULLISH on the GDX. Like with juniors and bullion, I have enlarged my core positions in the recent pullback and urge you to do the same on the next Super Force buy signal.
  • A very bullish week has occurred. I am including a longer term chart for GDX. Super Force chart #5. This will put in perspective where Gold stocks are now, and are likely going, over the long term. If you are a buy and hold type investor, please pay particular attention to this chart.
  • You are witnessing, this week, the first true upside breakout in gold stocks in many years!
  • That said, I never chase price. After a move like Thursday's, it pays to wait for a pullback. Focus on paying yourself in the market, not paying others. Use my Super Force Signals to time your buys, especially for placing new money into a sector.



  • There wass a Surge Index100 Sell Signal as of Sept 7th for SILVER.
  • Please make careful note of the following: My Surge Index did not get the buy signals on Silver that the other Precious metal sectors received at the lows of the recent correction.
  • At this point I believe it somewhat dangerous to put new money in Silver. Instead, be patient. Wait for a better entry point while maintaining existing core positions for Silver.
  • Silver is an asset that I hold a large core position in, and one likely going much higher in the long term.
  • In the shorter term Silver is remains seriously overbought technically. Use a proven winning strategy in this volatile metal or you risk serious harm.

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