WESSEL Tool Control – For the optimal use of Demolition Tools

The number of different demolition tools for construction machines is continuously increasing. With the help of modern quick coupler systems, which not only enable a mechanical but also a hydraulic coupling, demolition devices can be easily and quickly changed. This means a high gain of productivity and flexibility for the machine and its operator.

Each demolition device or attachment has to be operated with the nominal volume flow and maximum working pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Modern construction machines support this by default at preset levels, which may be selected by the machine operator. However, in this connection there are often considerable restrictions towards the optimal setting and number of selectable tools.

WESSEL-HYDRAULIK GmbH offers a cost effective solution for easy add-on of attachments. In addition to WESSEL's range of valves the electrical device WESSEL Tool Control is available, that allows the operation of up to 10 different tools, on most construction machines.

For each tool, individual settings with the related tool name may be programmed in the WESSEL Control and are selected by the operator after tool change. When the tool is switched on, the control supplies instruction to 2 proportional solenoids and 2 shift solenoids, according to the programming of the selected level with power. With the proportional valves the optimum volume flow and maximum operating pressure may be set; with the switching outputs one may for example release an additional return line to the tank.

As special feature each tool in the WESSEL Tool Control has its own operating time counter that for example, should be of great interest and benefit to operators of rental fleets.

The programming of the electronics is extremely easy, but should only be carried out by a trained and experienced service technician, with a programming adapter. The programming adapter prevents unwanted tampering of the unit. This is an important safety feature.

The appropriate valve technology like electrical-proportional pressure compensators, flow control valves and pressure valves that work in an integrated manner, are available in WESSEL's valve range.