Worldclass medical care sets Freeport Indonesia apart from many of its contemporaries

international-mining-logoA healthy population is at the heart of sustainable development is a philosophy wholeheartedly embraced by Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold and Freeport Indonesia. On a typical day in Tembagapura, the town near the great Grasberg mine that is currently the subject of a series of articles in International Mining, the 100-bed employee hospital is abuzz with activity. The medical staff delivers a baby, doctors perform an emergency appendectomy, ultrasounds and x-rays are administered, while dozens of people convalesce in a clean and comfortable environment. Several kilometres away at the 74-bed Waa-Banti Hospital, laboratory technicians pore over specimens using the latest in high-technology equipment, a broken bone is set, and mothers and children line up for immunisations, vitamins and nutritional education. Medical standards in Waa-Banti Hospital, funded by the Freeport Partnership Fund and owned by the LPMAK, are on par with the Freeport hospital, as with standards at top medical centers in Indonesia’s largest cities. The only difference is that these facilities are located in one of the country’s most remote regions. (more…)

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