World's first all-diamond ring to cost US$68 million

Switzerland-based Shawish Jewelry is creating a diamond ring that would make Elizabeth Taylor’s 30-carat engagement band from Richard Burton look like a children’s toy— a 150-carat all-diamond ring.

The piece will be made entirely out of a diamond—cut and finished from a single piece. It is estimated to weigh 150 carats, and be valued at US$68 million.

The ring’s original designs were copyrighted and released in April of last year.

Mohamed Shawesh, President and CEO of  Shawish, seems open and enthusiastic about the reasons he wanted to create it.

In 2011 he explained to Vogue,

"A ring made entirely of a faceted diamond has always seemed like a fantasy, It seemed impossible, so we decided to embark on the adventure of creating it. To create the perfect diamond ring is the epitome of art."

The video below is an animation on what the "The World's Fist All Diamond Ring" would look like: