Wyoming releases new study on rare earth elements

Wyoming mountains

Wyoming released Monday its new statewide survey of rare earth elements with promising results.

The Wyoming State Geological Survey completed an investigative report — including samples, maps, measured and recorded amounts — on the minerals to encourage further commercial exploration.

Through the scientific study, the WSGS has confirmed that rare earth elements occur across the state. For example, data indicates 20 sites produced samples with at least five times the average crustal abundance of rare earths — a positive measurement for deeper examination.

The report is available for download from the WSGS site.

Additionally, WSGS has established the Wyoming Database of Geology (Wyo-DOG) to assist in future geological studies. The database includes all elemental analyses along with brief write-ups and photographs of most samples and sites.

The Bear Lodge deposit, near the town of Sundance in northeastern Wyoming, is considered one of the largest potential sources of the minerals in North America.

Currently, Molycorp’s Mountain Pass operation in California is the only active mine in the US.

Image: Zack Frank / Shutterstock.com

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