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A global leader in online mining news since 2011, MINING. COM seeks to educate, inform, connect, and influence, building a community that connects people with reliable and up to date resources, allowing them to be an authority. Read by industry professionals and decision makers across the world, MINING.COM is the leading digital destination serving the global mining industry.

Create Brand Awareness

Put your brand in front of thousands of industry professionals and decision makers with our Premium Digital Advertising options.

Craft Meaningful Messages

Our Native Advertising formats allow you to connect with potential customers and show them the value of your products and services.

We Can Help You Generate Leads 

Our ONE SOLUTION program can help you build a customized campaign that will generate qualified leads.

Premium Digital Advertising 

Digital advertising is a proven and effective way to create brand awareness and drive traffic to your own websites and landing pages. MINING.COM uses industry standard IAB ad units, so chances are you already have suitable creative for this option. Digital advertising is the quickest, most versatile way to get up and running with your campaign on MINING.COM. 

Native Advertising 

Our Native Advertising formats offer the opportunity to engage with readers on MINING.COM and help them form a relationship with your product or service. Through sponsored posts and in-depth articles, you can utilize our platform and vast audience to generate interest and build trust with potential customers. And if you need help writing content, our editorial team can do that too.  


Glacier Resource Innovation Group’s ONE SOLUTION is a comprehensive marketing solution for the mining industry that engages your potential customers and takes them on a journey from Ad impression to lead.
With ONE SOLUTION you gain access to the mining industry’s leading media brands: The Northern Miner, Canadian Mining Journal and MINING.COM.

Key Metrics

Advertisers receive excellent visibility to decision makers and influencers within the global mining industry. MINING.COM is read by managers, executives and owners, people who make buying decisions for equipment and services.

Advertise to a Global Audience

MINING.COM is read by industry professionals in over 200 countries. Put your brand in front thousands of potential customers in every major city around the world. 

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