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The world according to gold – literally

Every time I write a “World According to Gold” piece, gold is setting a new record, among a new crop of bubble-callers, and still the world hesitates to pile into gold for fear of getting burned. Many of those who have doubled or tripled their money have since died, retired, or simply kept on making money investing, succumbing to the addictive quality of wealth.

$5,000 gold and $300 silver are credible numbers

These days, the number of perpetually inaccurate predictions forecasting an end to the gold boom are thoroughly drowned out by the now multitudinous voices screaming from the rooftops for gold to go much higher. About 90 percent of that is the herd mentality at work.

Edgewater exploration: bases loaded for a home run

Edgewater Exploration Ltd. (TSX.V:EDW) shareholders may be forgiven for getting a bit impatient with the share price lately. It hasn’t done anything except go marginally down on very small trading volumes since the onset of 2011, despite the company’s aggressive forward momentum with drilling in Spain and Ghana. That price lethargy may be just the window of opportunity investors have been waiting for, and it may close quickly, as results will start being published soon that may take the stock in the other direction.
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Eric Sprott and Rick Rule interviewed by James West

James West from Midas Money interviews Eric Sprott, chairman of Sprott Inc. and Rick Rule, president of Sprott USA.