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Account Overdrawn

It is a mistake to talk about America being broke.  It is the government that is broke. Americans have 56 trillion dollars innet household […]

Kudlow and Greenspan

I tuned in Larry Kudlow as usual last night and found the lead topic was “do deficit’s cause interest rates to rise?”  Then I […]

Watch the Birdie?

TBT is the symbol for the ETF that tracks the long bond, but in inverse.  In other words, it shorts 20-30 year US […]

March Madness

March madness is usually a term reserved for the college basketball playoffs, but this year  what’s going on in Washington has upstaged the […]
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Looking Forward: 2011

In my yearly forecast letter last year, “Looking Forward: A Year In Transition,” I expected the shape of 2010 to be up better than […]